Gordon of Those Conspiracy Guys

Out across the great pond resides a tiny island that is home to many great myths, legends, and folklore. Irish based but a worldwide phenom, Jim welcomes back Gordon of Those Conspiracy Guys to discuss the current state of American politics, their effects on the rest of the world, the disconnect between reality and media, propaganda, and the division of people by the powers that be.
Claiming to be nothing more than “…humble Irishmen with a propensity for critical thinking and common sense… [with a] third eye squinted open for the strangeness of truth”; Gordon and Paul (alongside a regular rotation of guests) venture into the far deep end of subjects such as ghosts and werewolves to CIA mind control and the Illuminati. Stating that “no topic is too delicate or outlandish (except the ones with the really good lawyers)” Those Conspiracy Guys take a humorous and investigative approach to subjects so as to be palatable and informative to everyone, regardless of your experience with the unusual.
Unless you have been living under a rock, in a cave, at the bottom of the ocean for the last fifteen years, it is painfully evident that there is a wee bit o’ turmoil (sorry bad Irish joke. With the joking about Irish and American stereotypes in this episode, it only seemed fitting to carry it over to the notes) in the current political sector. With the legalization of propaganda within the United States, the widening chasm being forced between political ideals, and overall civil unrest, it would seem as though everything is imploding in on itself like a dying star. However when one looks out their kitchen window or goes about their workday, it would seem as though nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Is this part of the division being forced upon us? Is this propaganda? Is there really chaos in the streets and I happen to just be too far away to feel its effects? Where is the line between what is and what is told?
In typical Those Conspiracy Guys fashion, this episode of The Malliard Report goes deep into the propaganda sector and provides great insight into the topic, and is definitely worth the lesson. To keep up with all things Those Conspiracy Guys or to catch up on their podcasts ( with the newer episodes hitting the 7+ hour mark, make sure you have some time carved out in your day) you can either visit their website http://www.thoseconpriacyguys.com or find them on just about any and every social network medium. Don’t forget to let us know what you thought about this episode or any of the others in the comments below or via Twitter @TMR247
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Feb 12 The Shift, with Skeeter Welhouse & Psychic Prophecies after Cosmic Passport

Tonight Pacific Elizabeth Anglin is in with Cosmic Passport. Elizabeth Anglin and Richard Smith discuss the differing relationships between Humanity, The Vril, the Shetu Regime and the White Reptilians.

The next hour we are joined by Psychic, Spirit Medium and ET Experiencer Skeeter Welhouse!

One Nation(Aus), Brexit(UK), Trump(USA), Putin(Russia)?

Why are people so polarized over a political choice? Work mates for years can’t understand why the other can be so “wrong”?

It is because it is supposed to be. At this time in human history leaders have been placed in positions of power to ignite we the people. Through discord it brings us together. But for what ultimate purpose? These are questions we discuss on “The Shift”. A planet awakening to its future. Life or death, what will happen over the next 3-5 years and why?

“The Shift” airs twice monthly and addresses questions more of the unknown as well as a look into what the future has in store for all of us in the next three years to five as we all await “The Shift”.

** Don’t ask about the future if you can’t handle the prophecies. We don’t call this “The Shift” for nothing. Let’s find out together on The Shift with Skeeter Welhouse.

A seamstress by trade Skeeter is a fashion designer and costume anufacturer. She has been into the paranormal since she saw my first ghost at about 2 years old. It was a dark haired nurse in a early 50’s era nurse’s uniform. Since then Skeeter has experienced many more ghosts & has practiced various forms of divination, including pendulums, cards & palms, in order to communicate with them better. She began studying various occult practices & religions in high school which lead to her becoming an eclectic hedge witch in her senior year. Skeeter did her first formal investigation back in 96 & over the past 2 years has joined several proffesional paranormal teams that have helped me to expand my experience and knowledge base, the Forest Moon Paranormal, Purple Sage Paranormal and New Mexico Paranormal Association.

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Feb 11th Para-Psychic June Lundgren after Aliens with Richard Smith

Tonight on Spaced Out Weekend we start off with Cosmic Passport with Elizabeth Anglin and Richard Smith discusing family life and Alien influences. Are alien influences presenting problems or opportunities in your family life? Are there alien members of your family? Is your family serving to protect you from difficult experiences, and if not.. how can that dynamic be changed?

In the second hour we welcome Cascadia’s own, June Lundgren!

June Lundgren is a psychic, medium, nurse, demon seer, animal communicator and international author. Descended from a long line of women with psychic and spiritual gifts. Of Irish, Scottish and American Indian descent she was raised by her grandparents for the first five years of my life. June’s grandmother also had mediumistic abilities. As a young child June communicated with animals and angels while living in a secure home with her grandparents.

June joined the Military before she graduated from high school in 1976 and left after graduation where and trained as a nurse and EMT. After returning from the military June worked as a nurse. She helped people with their paranormal problems and intuitive readings. About twenty years ago June was given the ability to remove demons, and has been quietly doing so since then.

June’s first book, A Mediums Guide to the Paranormal, was released in 2009. Since then she has written 6 more books and has been a member of Northwest Paranormal Investigative Team for the last 4 years, as the occult specialist of the team.

She loves working and helping animals and offers her animal communication abilities for free to rescue groups.
June lives on a small farm in Oregon City, Oregon with my husband, son and a sundry of animals. Working full-time as a nurse four days a week she continues to write when she can.
June’s book website: http://www.demonseekers.com
website: http://www.mysticconnections.org, http://www.demonseer.com
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Feb. 10/17 – Paranormal Junction with Author Sam Baltrusis

Boston paranormal author Sam Baltrusis loves a good ghost story. He’s enveloped himself into the ghostly culture of New England by writing on some of the scariest ghost stories in the area. He’s also setting up his first Paracon in Provincetown, Mass. To accomplish the feats that Sam has in this field are tremendous. It takes a lot of word of mouth. Plenty of late nights. And some really good ghost tales to tell the story of New England.
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Feb. 9/17 – Spiritual Channelling with Barry Strohm

Barry Strohm is a familiar voice around Spaced Out Radio. Barry, along with his assistant and wife, Connie, use a spirit board to communicate with those on the other side. Barry, an accomplished author, has written and published five books, with a goal of 11 before he retires. A studious researcher of the paranormal and extraterrestrial, Barry has found that communicating with the right spirits can lead to some very interesting information.
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