Sept. 7/17 – Nuclear Update with Libbe HaLevy

Libbe HaLevy is part of a watchdog group called Nuclear Hot Spot, where she has her eyes open for every nuclear disaster and potential disaster that the earth is facing, especially on North American soil. We look into the effects of Fukushima six and a half years after an earthquake melted down a nuclear reactor, sending toxins and radiation across the Pacific Ocean.


Sept. 6/17 – Trails In The Sky with Matt Landman

Matt Landman is one of the foremost researchers when it comes to what’s being sprayed in our daily skies, which people are referring to as “Chem Trails”! Is it for pollution, or weather modification? Whatever it is, it’s only recently that people are starting to admit, we’re being sprayed from above.

Sept 2/17 Advocating Consciousness with Sebastien Martin

Sebastien Martin is an Entrepreneur who has built international health food brands for over a decade with offices in the USA, Canada, the UK and New Zealand. 5 years ago, Sebastien had a close encounter of a 5th kind with a Stellar being from the Pleiades in his living room and had communications with him and the rest of his Star family ever since. This one of a kind disturbing experience has forced Sebastien to resort to the services of an hypnotherapist to help him with the anxiety arising from this life changing encounter. Detailed memories were extracted from these sessions, providing critical information about the Galactic Alliance agenda, split souls, human consciousness and much more.