Angels and Demons Throughout History

Check it out!! An all new episode!!
“Angels and Demons Throughout History”

Justin and Erik discuss angels and demons throughout different cultures and religions in history!! Join us as we take a trip down the rabbit hole!

– Intro
– Angels and demons in Christrianity
– In Hinduism and Buddhism
– Islam
– Post show
– Outro

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Feb. 3/18 Life Of A Psychic With Marla Frees

Marla Frees has mediated relationships between the dead and the living and worked all over the country assisting law
enforcement agencies to unravel homicide cases. Marla has had advanced training in consciousness and quantum physics.

Marla is also co-host of the well-known radio show Dreamland with Whitley Strieber.
A pig farmer’s daughter who survived the dangers of national and international mobsters and landed in Hollywood where she’s had a very successful acting career in movies and T.V. shows like Everybody love Raymond and The Practice. She has been on a wild ride. Dead people, murder, Hollywood heart-throbs, sex, psychic visions, and UFOs were all a part of it. She tells her story of her awakening and psychic awareness and the events that led her to become a medium in her new book American Psychic. Check out her website at

Korinne Wilson The Occult Priestess Joins us for the second part of the show as well!