Goat Gazers and The Chem-Trail Conspiracy

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“Goat Gazers and the Chem-Trail Conspiracy”

Justin and Erik discuss the project behind the motion picture “Men Who Stare At Goats” as well as chem-trails.

– Intro
– The story behind the movie
– What the project was about
– If the project was successful
– Post show discussing chem-trails
– Outro

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Source: http://www.spreaker.com/user/paratruthradio/goat-gazers-and-the-chem-trail-conspirac

June 10th Mythical Creatures & “The Demon Debate” is there such a being?

We start by looking into where to find those odd animals of mythology with Elizabeth Anglin on Cosmic Passport
In the 2nd hour, grab your popcorn, Rosary, silver bullets, garlic and sage as Skeeter Welhouse drops in to try to convince James Tyson that demons exist.
From Leviathan to Lilith, we take a look back at what history has written about demons. Skeeter tells us her own experiences with entities that some may call “demonic” others a cranky ghost. What is a demon? Are they messengers? Are they always evil?
Let’s take a walk down that old broken bridge and see what’s on the other side.
Skeeter Welhouse is a well respected psychic and spirit medium out of the Pacific North West. http://www.bluemoonweaver.com
Source: http://www.spreaker.com/user/spaced-out-radio/june-10th-mythicle-creatures-the-demon-d