April 21/17 – The Phoenix Lights with David Spinks

On March 13, 1997, the City of Phoenix, Arizona experienced a close enounter of the enormous kind. The Phoenix Lights lit up the night, to witnesses in excess of over 50,000 people. David Spinks, a paranormal investigator, joins us as an eye witness to this as a member of the United States Air Force.
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April 20/17 – Rebel Planet News with Jamie Sexton

Jamie Sexton, owner of the brand new Rebel Planet News makes his monthly appearance talking everything hidden by the mainstream. Since it’s April 20th, we’ll get into 420, and Fake News, the hot button topic of the media.
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April 19/17 – Ghosts of the Great White North

The third Wednesday of every month, Spaced Out radio carries a feature called Ghosts of the Great White North, where we talk about the paranormal and ghosts residing in different parts of Canada. We are joined by Mike Morin of Canadian Paranormal Investigations and Cathy Rogers along with Sherri Moore from the Edmonton Paranormal Society.
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April 18/17 – The Skeptical UFOlogist with Richard Giordano

Richard Giordano has been a UFOlogist for the last 15 years. His yearning to learn what’s flying in the skies above have him searching everywhere for answers in the field of UFOlogy. Richard, with his keen investigation, has been cheered and lamented for his style of research in calling out fake UFO news, to go along with ruffling feathers of those who are trying to hide the truth to this subject.
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April 16th “Two Mediums and a Large” Call In Psychic Readings & More

Tonight Elizabeth Anglin starts us off with Cosmic Passport and Animal Communication for the Paranormalist!
In the 2nd hour we are joined by Paisley Town and Joanna the Medium for Two Mediums and a Large call in.
Lines were open to call in for a psychic reading. How is 2017 going so far? Ask Numerologist Paisley what your numbers add up to in life, love and luck.

If you’re a little too shy to do it on air, you can get a hold of them on their websites:


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The Effect of the Butterfly on Doomsday

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“The Effect of the Butterfly on Doomsday”

Justin and Erik discuss the Butterfly Effect and Doomsday prophecies. We discuss what the Butterfly Effect is, different Doomsday prophecies, how the two are connected, and so much more!

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