Daniel Abella – Philip K. Dick film festival director

Guest: Daniel Abella

Being human after all is more than the theme to a popular robot rock song, it is the cornerstone for the Speculative Science Fiction genre that is becoming more and more popular in both film and written works. On this week’s episode of The Malliard Report, Jim shifts from the traditional repertoire and welcomes a very special (and very busy) guest, Daniel Abella. Already in its fourth year, Daniel oversees the operations for the Philip K Dick Film Festival: an independent film festival that showcases up and coming film makers in the Science Fiction genre that is quickly gaining international notoriety by hosting events in France, Poland, and the US. The festival is inspired by the works of Philip K Dick who was a science fiction writer from 1952 – 1982 and was the inspiration behind great films such as “Blade Runner”, “Total Recall”, “A Scanner Darkly”, and many others.

Following a brief introduction, Daniel and Jim quickly dive into what exactly “Speculative Science Fiction” is and how it plays into the overall Sci-Fi world. Unlike the traditional “hard-lined” Sci-Fi, the speculative category delves more into the human aspect of it all. Instead of focusing on the great powers of the super hero, the internal struggles of the hero may be highlighted, or rather than the eventual hostile AI takeover, a story may be based on the seemingly minute, but devastating effects that technology is having on the human race. Speculative Science Fiction has a tendency to take on many of the philosophical fundamentals such as what it means to be human, who are we, what is reality, how to remain human in a dehumanized world, and breaks them down into an understandable and entertaining format.

After the informative breakdown of the subject matter, Jim begins to poke into Daniel’s personal interests and thoughts on the current state of the Science Fiction genre as a whole and some of the submissions to the festival. Daniel openly admits that he is a personal fan of the “old school” when it comes to film making, but states that there are a number of animation films that are a cut above the rest. One animated short that was a submission to the festival that really stood out to Daniel was “The Looking Planet” and for good reason; this is a fantastic film. “The Looking Planet” is available for viewing online and would recommend taking some time to view it. Jim and Daniel also discuss how Sci-Fi has helped bring the paranormal into the “mainstream” (this has been both a good thing and a bad thing) and how the festival itself has become a fantastic platform for artistic creation that does not stray too far from reality. As Daniel states “Science Fiction is the science of the future.”

The conversation quickly shifts into the quality of the movies being made today, trends that are on the horizon, and those that have come and gone. Jim and Daniel both acknowledge that while film production has become somewhat simpler in use, the quality still holds to superb levels. The challenge however is in the storytelling itself; creating new and interesting ideas to keep the people entertained. This brings about the subject of the film trends that are being noticed, and the (in some cases much needed) phase out of others. Daniel states that there is no real stand out theme this year, but is seeing an increase in movies that focus on the technological impact on the human race and the blurring of realities. Cliché’s seem to be fading out, and new, exciting storytelling is beginning to come forward.

Unfortunately the interview has to be cut short due to the limited battery life of cell phones, but before Jim and Daniel part ways they are able to cover the success and growth of the festival, hopes for future festivals, the new Star Wars movie, and the revival of the X-Files. One point that Daniel makes before the end that really stands out is that at the end of the day it is not about movies, stories, festivals, etc. but rather people coming together and connecting over a common interest.

The last segment of the show is the duck flying solo, and this gives Jim the opportunity to cover a few of the great things that are coming in the new year, and reminisce on the highlights of the past five years. Yes folks, that is right. 2016 will see the five year anniversary of The Malliard Report and it just so happens that it actually falls on a Tuesday as well, so it should be a good time all around. You may have noticed the new intro, the slick website re-design, but the outro by the late Scott Blight still sends us off in a classy fashion because hey, why change a good thing right? Finally, a special “Thank You” to each and every one of you. You are the reason that we do what we do; why we make the films, why we do the podcasts, why we host the festivals but this is not all us. You are just as a big player in this as any one of us. Go to the festivals, leave reviews, thoughts, ideas on the podcast forums, and share with your friends and family. This gives us the opportunity to change direction, make the genre bigger, and just make the content better as a whole. You are the reason that this show is THE Fastest Hour in Paranormal Talk Radio and we thank you.

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For information on the festival or how to get tickets, go to: http://www.thephilipkdickfilmfestival.com

The fantastic animated short “The Looking Planet” can be found here:

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Monsters Among Us

Check it out!! An all new episode!!
“Monsters Among Us”
W/special guest, Linda Godfrey

Justin and Erik welcome back Linda Godfrey to discuss her latest book, “Monsters Among Us”. We discuss how this book is different than her last book “American Monsters”, dogmen, Bigfoot sightings, and so much more!

If you’d like to know more about Linda and her works, go to: https://lindagodfrey.com/

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Dennis Stone – Megalith Structure

As 2015 winds down to an end and 2016 is ready and waiting in the wings, it is only fitting that this week’s guest brings to the table a topic that is creating a lot of controversy in the archaeological and historical fields.

While it is almost considered common knowledge that Christopher Columbus did set sail in 1492, he was not the first to trek through the ol’ Red, White, and Blue. What is not so common knowledge is the existence of America’s Stonehenge (Not to be confused with the Georgia Guide stones, which is another topic for another show). In the southeastern New Hampshire town of Salem, an ancient megalith structure of unknown origin sprawls across the hilly countryside plaguing archaeologists and researches alike by leaving more questions than answers.

With no hesitation, Dennis immediately jumps into the theories of origin for the site and drops a lot of information in a short amount of time. So be ready. One of the first points that Dennis Stone covers is the age of the site. Through the use of many different methods, some of which are technologically astounding, it has been determined that the site is approximately 4000 years old! A construction project from 2000 B.C. puts the 240-year history of the US in perspective doesn’t it?

In a rapid and almost seamless fashion Dennis moves right into the purpose of the site. Dennis points out, much to his chagrin, that the site is what is considered to be a “clean” site archaeologically speaking. A “clean” site in this regard refers to the lack of tools and other typical artifacts that are most commonly found in and around ancient sites. While this may hinder the search in pinpointing the “who” in the site’s backstory, it does shine some light onto the “why”. Normally, ancient sites that are held in an esteemed regard (e.g. places of worship, burial locations, ceremonial usage, etc.) were kept free of typical construction litter to maintain a level of reverence for the site. With this, by a simple process of deduction, researchers were able to determine that America’s Stonehenge was a ceremonial/burial ground with astronomical alignments much similar to that of the more commonly recognized Stonehenge located in Wiltshire, England.

Without a pause, Dennis again unloads a mass of information at a lightning pace diving into the many potential architects of the megalith. As mentioned earlier, the structure itself resembles that of many other sites around the world. This quickly spurs a discussion between Jim and Dennis about how ancient sites globally can share so many common traits. One theory that stands out is that civilizations of old took to the seas in exploration far earlier than we are led to believe, spreading their knowledge and wisdom as they went. Not derailing too far from the subject at hand, Dennis delves into the some of the archaeological indicators of the most likely groups responsible. What little evidence that has been left behind at the site has uncovered Ogham and Phoenician writings pointing to the potential of the ancient Britons being the architects.

To put a bow on this pretty little show before they go, Jim and Dennis Stone answer questions from the chat room, discuss how many megalith sites are found across the world, the controversy surrounding the history of American’s Stonehenge and the Pattee family, how the existence of a popular breed of cat may be an indicator to ancient Viking settlements, and much, much more. There is a lot of information and it moves fast in this episode so buckle up and see why The Malliard Report is THE fastest hour in paranormal talk radio.

2015 was a fair year for The Malliard Report and 2016 is going to be even better. Also this week it is with great privilege to introduce the latest in The Malliard Report lineup: http://www.tmr247.space, which features the new and sleek streaming feature and of course don’t forget http://www.tmr247.net for the awesome chatroom during the live show, and http://www.tmr247.com to see our fantastic sponsors, t shirts, and on demand shows. Make sure to stop by http://www.stonehengeusa.com to see all of the great things that Dennis and his team are working on, and if you are in the area please go see it for yourself.

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March 11th Canada’s Most Haunted with Michelle Desrochers & Patricia Vance Forbes Energy Healer

Cosmic Passport with host Elizabeth Anglin starts at with her guest Patricia Vance Forbes. Patricia and Elizabeth delve into Quantum Energy Healing, ET Healing & Starseeds

In the next hour we have James Tyson in with ghostly guest Michelle Desrochers!

Michelle is in to chat about her experiences in the paranormal and those bumps in the night most people run from.

Michelle is Co-director/Co-Owner of Canada’s Most Haunted and Burlington Ghost Walks. She is very active in media and travels working in both Canada, the US, and travel abroad on occasion to paranormally research .

You may have seen Michelle on ET Canada , Much Music, Kenny vs Spenny, Bio Channel-Ghostly Encounters , Creepy Canada, Haunted Casefiles , Paranormal Survivor- seasons 2/3,
Toronto Life magazine , to mention but a few in a long list of honourable mentions ! Life has been good!

A collector of Oddities and anything unusual, Michelle Desrochers has a nice collection of funeral items, human skulls and skeletons church pieces, mourning pieces, taxidermy, and the list goes on.

Drop byher group pages: are Canada’s Most Haunted-The Official page and Burlington Ghost Walks
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March 10/17 – Ghosts of Motown with Detroit Paranormal Expeditions

Todd Bonner, the lead investigator and founder of Detroit Paranormal Expeditions brings in his teammates Jeff, Brandy and Jenny to talk about Haunted Detroit. From the closed factories to run down churches, the Motor City is a fragment of what it used to be, and the spirits are there to tell the stories of what it once was.
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March 8/17 – The Crypto Guru Ronald Murphy

The Crypto Guru comes on Spaced Out Radio the second Wednesday of every month, to talk the world of cryptids. Author Ronald Murphy, coming off his first major book deal, is one of the most passionate speakers when it comes to cryptozoology. From Faeries to Dogman, the Crypto Guru is studious in gathering real information about these unreal creatures.
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