Aug. 22 – The Cryptid Paranormal World of David Weatherly & Ross Allison

David Weatherly has been studying the strange for over 30 years. From cryptids like bigfoot to the paranormal adventures of ghost hunting. He has also teamed up with Ross Allison to write some incredible books regarding haunted objects and toys.

Miraculous Medical Miracles W/Dr. Scott Kolbaba

Check it out!! An all new episode!!
“Miraculous Medical Miracles”
W/special guest Dr. Scott J. Kolbaba

Justin flies solo this week and talks to Dr. Scott J. Kolbaba about his book, “Physicians Untold Stories”.

– Intro w/Scott Kolbaba
– Why he wrote the book
– Some of the memorable stories of the book
– Why doctors don’t share these stories with others
– Post Show
– Outro

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Aug. 20/17 Independent Research Society’s Jeffrey Boyd Jr.

Jeff Boyd Jr. ,Chemical Metallurgist, founder of the Independent Research Society, and as of this year a speaker at the Symposium (ASEAN). Believes he has answered THE mystery oF Giza…how the pyramids were built…no theories…proof. It is time to put scientific method back Archaeology MN It is only when we stray from the path of those who came before us when we make real discovery . WE are answering these questions, Mysteries, with hard science. We can rewrite our future by rewriting out past. Jeff believes the answers in Egypt and Bosnia can change the world by giving us free energy. With the truth embargo establishment it is a race to discovery!
Native of Louisiana and alumni of Louisiana State University of Shreveport, Jeffrey Boyd, Jr. is the progenitor of the Independent Research Society and looks to change the history books by learning our true history and spreading knowledge to the masses. He has grown the Independent Research Society to provide a safe haven for all of the previously disconnected and competing independent researchers to come together to share knowledge.
He has recently begun seeking support for the independent research movement within the society to support collaborative research efforts. Jeffrey has a broad background in many areas and is currently writing an in depth article for Ancient Mysteries Magazine about the emerging patterns he has come to recognize after working as a chemical Metallurgist and studying physics, including his first hand knowledge as a resident and archaeological researcher of Poverty Point.
His research led him to a breakthrough discovery in a chemical analysis that may provide long awaited answers to one of the greatest mysteries on the planet: How the Great Pyramids were built!
He is scheduled to speak at the ASEAN Advanced Archaeology Symposium 2017 in the Philippines. “It is only when we stray from the path of those who came before us that we are able to make real discoveries.”~Jeffery Boyd Jr.
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