March 15/18 – The Rebel Planet with Jamie Sexton

Jamie Sexton, owner and editor of Rebel Planet News comes in the third Thursday of every month to discuss current events in the alternative media. Tonight, we get into the effects of what’s happening with Freedom of Speech. We also will take a look at President Donald Trump’s latest comment about a United States Space Force.


March 14/18 – Ghosts of the Great White North

Every month, Mike Morin from Haunted Crew of Canada comes on in to discuss the paranormal on Ghosts of the Great White North. Tonight we are also joined by Canadian researchers Derrick Whiteskycloud and Jeff Webster.

The Story of Rohinie Bisesar

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Toronto, Ontario. December 2015.

In the middle of the day, and within the aisles of Shoppers Drug mart, an unprovoked random stabbing leaves Rosemary Junor clinging to life.

In the days after the attack, the city became captivated by the manhunt for the beautiful, well dressed women, security cameras captured fleeing the store while the victim screamed for her life.

When the suspect is apprehended the story she told about nanotechnology and mind control would cement this case, and the name Rohinie Bisesar, among Canada’s most bizarre crimes.

In this episode, we are joined by investigative journalist Raizel Robin (author of ‘What happened to Rohinie Bisesar‘) who helps share the bizarre story of Rohinie Bisesar and the unprovoked murder she is accused of.