April 14/18 Mysterious Moon Structures With Brett Colin Sheppard And Ken Johnston Sr.

Ken Johnston, Sr, was one of 4 Civilian Astronaut Consultant Pilots from the Apollo Moon Program, is a retired aerospace engineer, former
active duty US Marine, and “NASA Whistle Blower.” He refused to strictly follow orders and destroy a nearly-complete collection of 8? x 10?
glossy photo-prints from the Apollo program. These photos are not available from NASA at this time and are of a higher resolution than what
is found online. Johnston was born at Fort Sam Houston US Army Air Corps Base in San Antonio, TX. in 1942.

Johnston was hired by Grumman Aircraft Corp. because of his training as a pilot with an avionics background for the Apollo Lunar Module testing.
His duty was to assist with cockpit and instrument development and Astronaut training at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.Ken
later worked at the Lunar Receiving Laboratory, where all the moon rocks were stored, cataloged and in some cases, distributed to scientists
from around the world. As the Director of the Data and Photo Control Department, he had access to all the original lunar pictures, film and
slides.When the lunar sample distribution wound down, he was instructed to destroy what remained of the photo archive, but Johnston kept one
set as a
personal collection for a work portfolio. This personal portfolio became known as “Ken’s Archive” and has been used by researchers from
around the world to help them discover evidence of ET presence, past and present on the Moon.

Bret Colin Shepard was born in Gary Indiana on September 17, 1966. He has been through an extraordinary amount of childhood trauma, and early
ET abduction by benevolent ET’s helping him through his trauma. During his childhood, he was taught esoteric knowledge from various books given
to him by members of his mother’s friends and cult members of various organizations. He was groomed as an artist by a beautiful Nordic woman
named “INO” who worked at the time as a caricature artist for Playboy magazine. She taught him all about perception, and how to draw what he
sees in nature.

Sheppard experienced a time anomaly where his anomaly finds from the future were shown to him in art class at his high school. Whoever did this
time mission also knew that Bret has a photographic memory. Years later, he feels compelled to pursue looking for anomalies in NASA images of
the moon and Mars. He is known in the anomaly community for some of his finds, the Lunar Acropolis, the “Jupiter 2 UFO on Mars” and the Lion of

Bret is writing his book on his anomaly finds, plus what he found deconstructing the manipulation of photos from space by our space agencies.
His current book is called “Flyover Tsiolkovsky Crater” about the base on the moon seen by Ken Johnston Sr, NASA whistleblower. His new book is
“Digital Moon” published in August of 2017, is about the processes of CGI and other methods used by NASA to obfuscate anomalies, plus Bret’s
extraordinary journey as an experiencer, shown the future at 15 years of age by an agency operative of the government. He went on to found the
Lunar Anomaly Research Society to reveal what he has discovered in Lunar images.
Source: http://www.spreaker.com/user/spaced-out-radio/april-14-18-mysterious-moon-structures-w


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