Re-Membering Your Galactic Nature With Amelía Aeon Karris

Amelía is a Seer, multi-dimensional guide, sustainable lifestyle designer, author, and spiritual catalyst.

She created Know the Self Mystery School for Truth Seekers to achieve Self-Mastery.

Her healing abilities and clear vision were forged during a series of shamanic initiations over a
nine-year period that honed her multi-sensory awareness and crystallized her gifts.
Amelía’s extensive past-life recall was noted in India, first placing her on national TV and later addressing live audiences of as many as 60,000 spiritual seekers. Over the last decade – through public speaking, teaching,
and private counseling – she’s
have helped thousands of people to liberate their minds, navigate expanding realities, and live out their divine destinies.
She specializes in assisting others personally on their path to awakening.

She also works with the moon cycles and loves to write about the phases in her newsletter and on her Moon Blog.

check out her book synchronicity unlock your divine destiny and her blog at


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