Oct. 7/17 – Soul Retrieval: Beating the Grid w/ Holly Marie

Holly Marie of Sacred Heart Ascension helps people get to the heart of what’s weighing them down by using ancient, multi-dimensional clearing technologies to uplift people into true empowerment and emotional freedom. Many of her clients seek Holly for deep rooted ancestral trauma’s that need to be cleared through the DNA, inner child work, soul retrievals, entity extractions and to free themselves of mental slavery.
Becoming liberated from negative programing is the key to moving forward. Our bodies are no different than computers when it comes to programing. What we sense or take in through our eyes, ears and energy field immediately can program a negative or positive outcome in our entire energy body system. Negative programs will eventually manifest into the physical causing health problems or dis-ease. Holly is a huge advocate of alternative healing and believes that most prescribed medications are not needed and that through re-programing the belief system we can gain back our health, mental well-being and joy.
Source: http://www.spreaker.com/user/spaced-out-radio/oct-7-17-soul-retrieval-beating-the-grid


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