Two Mediums and a Large “Psychic Call In” & Healings

First up on Cosmic Passport with Elizabeth Anglin Intuitive healing with Mother Mary and Archangel Michael. Call in Show Tonight: 575-694-6634 Or Skype: james_tyson32. Intuitive Healing with Mother Mary and Archangel Michael.

In the 2nd hour join Paisley Town and Skeeter Welhouse for Two Mediums and a Large call in:

575-694-6634 Skype: james_tyson32

Lines are open to call in for a psychic reading.

Ask Numerologist Paisley what your numbers add up to in life, love and luck.

Ask Skeeter about things you’ve witnessed, UFO’s, Bigfoot or to look into your dreams. And yes, she can also contact your passed relatives
if they wish to come through.

If you’re a little too shy to do it on air, you can get a hold of them on their websites:


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