May 14th Two Mediums and a Large with Skeeter Welhouse after a Mother’s Day special with Elizabeth Anglin & Licia Berry

First on Cosmic Passport with Elizabeth Anglin has a special Mother’s Day talk with Licia Berry, healer and intuitive, on her book
“I Am Her Daughter – The Healing Path to A Woman’s Power”
that addresses the unhealed Mother Wound in women, in culture, and in the world. Licia shares her personal healing and offers strategies for women to reclaim their birthright of love and acceptance, with an eye on healing the global Mother Wound.

Not just a psychic reading, find out “who or what” did you see or pick up on an EVP. We’re not kidding, the info is out there and Skeeter can tap into it for you. Aliens? BigFoot? UFOs? Our callers justt ask


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