Now. 19/17 Byron Lacy and Sage Magdalene

Author Byron Lacy talks about Alien interventions and inspired muse, Sage Magdalene talks Rabbit Hole Blessings Festival


Cruisin’ Inside The Goblin Universe w/Bryan Bowden and Ron Murphy

Check it out!! An all new episode!!
“Cruisin’ Inside The Goblin Universe”
W/Guest Co-Hosts, Bryan Bowden and Ron Murphy

Justin welcomes guest co-hosts Bryan Bowden and Ron Murphy to talk about cryptids!! Join us as we take a trip down the rabbit hole!

– Intro w/Bryan Bowden and Ron Murphy
– Gargoyles and cryptids of the past
– Aliens
– Artificial Intelligent
– Post Show
– Outro

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Nov. 18/17- Messages From The Orions w/Athena

Athena Zeub would like to open a whole new world to you through an amazing contact that has recently come forward. It was very hard for her to come up with the right words to tell you because even she knows it sounds unbelievable. The people of Orion say they are the people who are God’s right hands.Her understanding is, they do the job for God. Their job is to “preserve peace and balance of the worlds.” They put people on the planet and they still protect and watch over us. They are the ones often referred to as “The Watchers”. Join us for a fascinating topic about the people from ‘The Orions’ and hear the messages they have for us about our past, present and possibly our future!