Two Mediums and a Large after Eileen Meyer, Alien Contact and Music

After Cosmic Passport with Elizabeth Anglin and Eileen Meyer, Alien Contact and Music we are joined by Paisley Town and Spirit Medium Skeeter Welhouse for Two Mediums and a Large call in.

Check in with Spirit Medium Skeeter and ask what may be in store for you this summer?
-Was that light I saw as a child really an Alien?
-Is my house haunted?
-Was that a BigFoot I saw at camp years ago?
-Do I have an Alien Implant?

Just ask and yea shall know.

If you’re a little too shy to do it on air, you can get a hold of them on their websites:

Legendary Fiction W/Justin Cancilliere

Check it out!! An all new episode!!
“Legendary Fiction”
W/Justin Cancilliere

Erik turns the mic on Justin and talks to him about his new book, “The Legendary Creature Project: The Gryphon”.

– Intro
– The inspiration for the book
– Book characters
– How characters names were formed
– Post Show
– Outro

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Starseed Chat and then, Steve Long’s awakening by Electricity

Elizabeth Anglin rides in on a cloud in Cosmic Passport with Intuitive Starseed Origin Chat Question
In hour two, Steve Long drops by Spaced Out Weekend with James Tyson.
Steve is just a regular guy from Iowa. Several years ago, He was a roofer and working on job . He was electrocuted and knocked several feet back. Doctors stated that he should not survived. Within a day of this near death experience he knew he was different. He was starved for knowledge and began studying. Previously a high school drop out, he quickly got his G.E.D and began his studies of magnetricity. Steve’s gift has given him the ability to understand complex problems from free energy, self healing and how the universe and all of our DNA is all connected.